Featherweight IPA/ iZombie


Every Friday Pud is going to drink beer. He is also going to consume some part of pop-culture.
Movies, TV, comics whatever he fancies. Then he is going to smash them together for you!

Featherweight IPA by Four Winds Brewing. 

IPA's are awesome. They're my absolute favorite type of beer.  I love everything about them, from the heavy hops to varied fruity profiles.  But sometimes I just want something that's not quite on the level of traditional IPAs, but still more exciting than some namby pamby watered down brew.  This IPA does the trick with its low ABV and low level of bitterness.  If I'm drinking this, it's not the primary focus; I'm not going to rave about the hops profile. I'm drinking this because it has enough flavor, it is light, and it is infinitely crushable. Ultimately it is there to complement whatever activity I am enjoying at the time, whether it is reading or watching a show or supposedly being a responsible parent watching over my kids. I also recommend this beer for folks new to the IPA scene or those who typically don't like IPAs.  Consider it a gateway IPA.

The iZombie Omnibus by Chris Roberson, Mike Allred and Laura Allred. The book is about a zombie girl who must eat a brain at least once a month in order to keep her memories and prevent herself from becoming a mindless zombie. Once she eats the brain, she ends up taking on that person's memories and personality, which ends up resulting in her having to solve crimes or fulfill the last wishes of the deceased. It's also a TV show but I have never seen the show so I can't speak for comparisons but the book is essentially more Buffy the Vampire Slayer - minus the martial arts - and less Veronica Mars. The writing is brisk, the plot is fun and the art is really great. The semi-ridiculous plot really pulls you in. It doesn't really take anything seriously, including the end of the world plot.


Featherweight IPA, as mentioned before, is very easy to drink and iZombie is a brisk read. They go hand-in-hand. The comic is so engrossing that before you know it, you've read a third of the book and downed a few Featherweight IPAs while you were at it. Pulp fiction and a crushable beer;  What's not to enjoy?


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