Every Friday Pud is going to drink beer. He is also going to consume some part of pop-culture.
Movies, TV, comics; whatever he fancies. Then he is going to smash them together for you!

Colour & Shape IPA by Superflux Beer Company. 6.5% ABV.

Welcome to the Father’s Day edition of Fermentation Friday! This New England-style IPA is my absolute favourite beer. Hands down. It’s a dull and danky looking beer that won’t win any beauty contests, but it is fruity, light, and super creamy!  In the end, it’s the taste that matters and it is a perfect blend of fruity and earthy tones. Superflux rotates their selection, so sometimes this beer disappears for a couple months, only to secretly resurface. It’s an automatic buy for me if I see it at the beer store.  A recent controversy that’s been brewing lately is the idea of contract brewing, which is what Superflux is. They rent space and equipment from other craft brewers. I know a lot of purists have issues with contract brewing, but personally, I care about taste and general care of craft. Superflux’s brand is on point, and their beers are hard enough to find to make you want to pine for it for a long time between purchases. Highly recommended for any IPA lover.

Man of Steel. Dir. Zack Snyder.

Superman is the ultimate pop culture icon, and Man of Steel is the ultimate dad film. You don’t just get one great dad, you get two! Both of them are 100% livin’ their best dad life in their own way. Now this movie has been greatly misunderstood since its release.  Sure it’s not Christopher Reeve’s Superman, nor should it be. There will always be that Superman for everyone to enjoy on blu-ray. That Superman will never go away. The key to this film, is in the title. Jonathan Kent has no idea about how to be a super man. But he does know how to be a man, which sometimes requires decisions that aren’t so perfect, and then taking responsibility for those decisions. This film is about a boy becoming a man of steel.  Not about a boy becoming a god. Hence, the title is “Man of Steel,” instead of “Superman.” Viewers may not agree with all the decisions in this film, but they were never meant to. To me, fatherhood is not about being perfect; it's about the right intent, with love, and fortitude through taking responsibility, because it is impossible to make the right decision 100% of the time, but at least you can own them. This film celebrates fatherhood, warts and all.


Besides both being super, they're also
not without their own little controversies. Pairing a super beer and a super movie, you really can't go wrong for Father's Day.     



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