Every Friday Pud is going to drink beer. He is also going to consume some part of pop-culture.
Movies, TV, comics; whatever he fancies. Then he is going to smash them together for you!

Instant Crush by Strathcona Beer Company. 5.7% ABV.

It’s summer time so sour beers are back in season! There’s nothing like a cool, flavorful patio beer and this one is no exception.  This dry-hopped sour threatens to push the boundaries of tartness with its strong white wine-influenced flavor. While it comes across initially as quite sour, it doesn’t completely overwhelm the other flavors and it takes a few sips before someone realizes that they do in fact enjoy this beer.  I think Strathcona’s can design is on point here and it’s always nice when a beer doesn’t pull its punches

Wonder Woman. Dir. Patty Jenkins.

When Wonder Woman was first announced as having a solo film, it was interesting seeing some of the reaction from female friends on social media.  Most were happy about it, but I did get the few who criticized her character as one that was, over the years, manipulated through the male gaze. It’s hard not to deny their view, since let’s face it, the majority of the writers and artists that worked on the Wonder Woman comics were male.  That said, I always felt there was no perfect icon, not even Superman, and I always thought Wonder Woman’s appeal could not be denied. Her compassion, her strength, her wisdom… all amazing qualities, and all things we need more of in this world. All the better for her first solo cinematic appearance to be under the direction of a woman. Patty Jenkins made an incredibly well made, fun and important film.  Shortly after seeing Wonder Woman, I was at a comic shop and another customer came in, an elderly man with a cane, who looked a little confused wandering the store. The owners were busy so I offered to help him and he said, “I’m looking for Wonder Woman comics to buy my grandkids.” You know you have something special when you’re able to inspire everyone from young girls to their grandparents and everyone in between.


Patty Jenkins recently revealed the first poster for Wonder Woman 84, which was this kaleidoscope of color, which I thought of when writing this pairing.  Instant Crush and Wonder Woman are both unapologetically bold, and unafraid to embrace what's true to them. With June being the beginning of summer and Pride month, what better way to kick things off than with this bold pairing!     



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