Every Friday Pud is going to drink beer. He is also going to consume some part of pop-culture.
Movies, TV, comics; whatever he fancies. Then he is going to smash them together for you!

Kelp Stout by Tofino Brewing Company. 6% ABV.

It doesn’t happen too often during the summer but every now and then I am in the mood for a stout.  And not just any stout. The Kelp Stout from Tofino Brewing is excellent. Super smooth and rich, with a coffee and chocolate aftertaste… so far the description doesn’t scream unique for a stout, but the kelp is. If you’re wondering if you can taste the kelp, you absolutely can.  There’s a certain fullness and robustness of flavor that makes it stand apart, and if a person was trying this for the first time without knowing what it was, they’d keep wondering until you pointed out that yes, it is brewed with kelp. Brewed all year around, this one’s a keeper, especially since it hides its alcohol so well.

Aquaman Omnibus by Geoff Johns.

Let’s face it: Aquaman has always been a joke.  Give a kid a list of characters to choose, I suspect the Blue Beetle would have made it before Aquaman.  Probably even Booster Gold. But that was the past. With Jason Momoa taking Aquaman to over $1 billion at the box office this past Christmas season, he’s become a household name.  What was so great about that movie was it turned one of the silliest super powers (talking to fish) and turned it into one of Aquaman’s greatest strengths. And it all started with Geoff John’s run on Aquaman back when DC sort of, kind of, maybe not, rebooted the entire DC universe with the New 52.  This Aquaman run has all the elements you love from the movie, as it really reconstructs the King of Atlantis as a true underwater warrior. Throw in the gorgeous art of Ivan Reis, and you have a must read.


Jason Momoa is always drinking Guinness and while I love Guinness, there are many more far superior stouts out there.  That said, I’d like to think Aquaman would enjoy a good kelp stout. That’s really as far as the thinking went on this pairing.     



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