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Happyness by Superflux Beer Company. IPA. 7% ABV.

Happyness is a brew that has everything you'd want in an IPA. It's got the fruity notes, the right amount of bitterness as well as an earthiness that really rounds out this full-flavored West Coast IPA. There's also a litlte sweetness that lingers as a tasty afterthought. The guys at Superflux really know how to make an IPA. This one feels like they packed everything they had into it at the time. As Superflux expands their beer shelf, Happyness was one I hadn't seen in a while, but I am very glad it is back, especially as we head deeper into the summer season.

Punk Rock Jesus by Sean Murphy.

As the Vertigo publishing brand comes to an end, I thought I'd write a tribute to it by celebrating what I consider the best Vertigo comic. Punk Rock Jesus is part satire, part religious tale and part origin story. It's about a coporation that creates a reality television show around the idea of the second coming of Jesus Christ, or J2. They claim to have cloned Jesus, who is ready to be born from a virgin chosen by the corporation to be the mother of Christ. Religious zealots want to destroy the show and the corporation that created it, while Jesus has ideas of his own. Tired of living in a fishbowl as a pawn of the corporation, he rebels in the most punk rock way possible, by joining a band and raging against the corporation. I loved this book the moment I first saw Sean Murphy's scratchy, brilliant art. The comic is filled with a youthful frustration and longing for answers to questions of faith that really spoke to me. It's a brilliant series, and I wish this book had been around when I was struggling with my own questions of faith as a teenager.


Punk Rock Jesus in many ways is about characters trying to find some sort of satisfaction in life, some happiness in an attempt to reconcile their questions about themelves and about their faith. Vertigo was a brand that had everything that any reader could ever want from a publisher, full of great stories and great art over the years. Reading a really great comic while drinking a tasty beer certainly feels like happiness to me.   



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