FROM THE PUBLISHER: “THE HAUNTED GALAXY,” Part Two (of Five) Mila reunites her dad Andy with his old robot pal, Bandit, but their heartwarming reunion doesn’t last for long. It’s forbidden to have robot tech, and soon they’re on the run from a troll militia with a vampire commander. Meanwhile, the vamp witch Mother moves to consolidate power on Gnish.

In issue #1 of Descender we are introduced to Bandit for the first time, and in issue #2 of Ascender, we are reunited with him.

Now I wouldn’t have known the real significance of that reveal if I didn’t READ DESCENDER!!!

Bandit plays a fairly big role in the Descender series, and when it was revealed he had returned by the end of issue #1 of Ascender, I didn’t know that it was such a “big thing”. I knew the Bandit reveal was going to be trouble for Mila and her father, but I didn’t know to what end. I also didn’t know who he was or what he meant to the family. Reading Descender makes Ascender so much more enjoyable. So many characters and worlds in Ascender are the same from Descender. They may have changed a bit, but understanding them, and how they have changed and also the why; it made it much clearer for me to read.

Mila’s father Andy, was hesitant to embrace his daughters’ sense of adventure in issue #1, but by issue #2 he has her on the run and defending her home from Mothers forces. I really liked seeing his change, and the way the change was brought on by protecting his daughter. As a father I can relate to doing anything I can to make sure my own daughter is safe and provided for. Mila grows up in this issue and I have the feeling she will be getting more than she bargained for. When she fights with her father in issue #1 and says “…I have never left this ward. I’ve never seen the ocean or the old cities! Nothing!” She doesn’t know to the extent how fast things can change, or how dangerous this world really is. The naivety is brought on by her fathers’ willingness to shelter her. He knows the dangers, he has seen them, she has not, as of yet. 

Issue #2 of Ascender really ups the action. The stakes are that much higher by the end of this issue. I’m really invested in the series now because I took some time to read more Descender. I care about Mila’s father and about Bandit because of it. I’m really liking what I’m seeing from Lemire and Nguyen. Mila and her father are on the run and in search of someone from Andy’s past.

Who? I ask myself, well I think I need to read more Descender to understand that.

See ya next month!



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