FROM THE PUBLISHER: The finale of the Arkham Knight saga arrives as the Knight’s surprising cult within Arkham Asylum unleashes its full power! Will Batman be swept under by the madness? Who is the Knight, to have inspired so much loyalty? And is there any way of stopping them that won’t just cause their legend to grow?

We’ve made it to Detective Comics #1005, Peter J. Tomasi’s Grand finale of Medieval! This was a story I was excited to read from the beginning when it was announced and it really hit the ground running. Each issue successfully pushed the story forward with a combination of great writing and awesome art. Tomasi knows Batman and these characters so well, it has come through on each page of this story so far. So, it is very safe to say my expectations were fairly high for the final issue. I’m really glad to say...

I’m not disappointed, not one bit. 

The previous issue ended with Batman & Robin gliding their way to the Arkham Knight to put an end to her grand scheme. No time is wasted here as that’s exactly where #1005 opens. The battle begins almost immediately as our heroes take on Astrid’s knights as she attempts to carry out her plan. There’s tons of fantastic action in this issue which I think most of us expected anyway. The story has been building to this final confrontation. There’s one specific panel I really loved where Batman has a batarang in each hand declaring he’s going to do “exactly what Arkham doesn’t expect”. It’s a small panel but I really dug it, he looks bad ass. You also get to see more of Arcane and Dr. Phosphorus too as the Arkham Knight’s main henchmen. It’s always really cool to see some of these smaller characters given such a purpose and a chance to do something. I think we all get tired of seeing the same villains so often even if they are top tier characters. 

There’s plenty of slick dialogue and storytelling here accompanying the chaos too. The dynamic duo work together here like absolute professionals, the back and forth between them is solidly written. Astrid’s big plan is also much more menacing and wacky than you think which was a nice surprise. It kind of reminded me of Mr. Freeze’s plan to cover Gotham in ice from Batman & Robin. I know you might be scratching your head and wondering why I’d compare it to that while praising it but you’ll understand once you read it. It’s a cool plan and works with Astrid’s damaged psyche. The final fight between Batman and the Arkham Knight was impressive too, there was a nice payoff to everything that had been set up by the previous issues. 

Astrid sticking to her guns about Batman being a cancer was good too, there wasn’t any wavering there which I really appreciated. I was a little worried it’d be one of those moments where the villain has a change of heart like “Oh, so I just created my own insanity? Sorry about that bro!”, I’m glad that wasn’t the case here. I don’t want to spoil the ending though so I won’t get into much detail but I’m all for seeing her again.

Know what also absolutely deserves extra applause? The art! Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, and Nathan Fairbairn absolutely nailed it. Every panel is just gorgeous to look at and as chaotic as the fighting is, it’s easy to follow. I’ve become such a fan of Walker’s after this arc, he and his team delivered in every issue. So, hats off to them! The book definitely wouldn’t have even the same without them. 


Detective #1005 is a great conclusion to the Medieval tale, it ties up all the needed loose ends and answers your questions while telling a very engaging story as the chaos unfolds around all of these characters. There’s plenty of good stuff in the pages to keep you entertained, whether it’s all the action or the cool moments with the characters. It’s not often that storylines keep their momentum from start to finish but this one sure did. 


C.S. Evans

One of my earliest memories is watching Tim Burton’s Batman and absolutely loving it. I was instantly hooked on anything Batman and later other comic related stuff too especially the X-Men. As a kid, I was already trying to fancast my own X-Men film. Y' that l think about it, not much has really changed.