FROM THE PUBLISHER: Teen daredevil Miguel and runaway Summer travel to the home of the Flash in Central City to steal back the H-Dial as a secret former wielder of the powerful device swears to do anything to become a hero again-including handing the dial to Mr. Thunderbolt, the villainous entity working to steal the Dial. But it's hard to work together when you can't trust your partners...so it's time for the mysterious Summer to reveal her past to Miguel!

Ok so umm, let’s start with umm ok... wow. Just wow. Ok slow down Emmet, you got this. One step at a time. What’s first? Ok let’s start with, this issues first couple pages are laugh out loud funny. How to get a superheroes attention, specifically The Flash. Miguel and Summer are kids after all, their ideas aren’t the brightest. But they are for sure funny. This issue moves from the serious (Summer and her mother) and the funny and wild (The H dial) very nicely.

It doesn’t feel out of place to go back and forth between a backstory and a crazy effed up story in the present. From the start of this series I have loved how the creators have blended multiple genres together and in issue #3 that is more prominent than ever.

HOLY $#@%!

There are drugs that you could do that would make the pages in this issue look normal I am sure. Bat shit crazy is a phrase I would use to describe this issue. I wrote in my review for issue #2 that I looked forward to what Humphries could do to one up every persona change a character endures after dialing the H Dial. This issue blew away any expectations I had. I could not believe what I was reading, and seeing on the pages. Lo Lo Kick You!!! Jaw had to be picked up off the ground. Wow. And it’s a good wow and crazy. Like I wrote earlier, this book mixes in the serious with the crazy perfectly. It really works. It doesn’t feel out of place. The art is on another level now. Top notch writing and top tier art. This issue makes me scream from the Central City rooftops. THIS SERIES IS AMAZING!

It’s not all filler no killer either. Mister Thunderbolt and The Thunderbolt Club, The Justice League all have something to add to this issue that builds upon the already interesting story. It was great to have change of narration, as Summer leads the way, putting Miguel to the back seat having his own acid trip. The reveal at the end was shocking? After I did some research and you might to as well if this is your first time reading anything about Dial H for Hero, past present. So many seeds planted and growing in every issue of this series. So much to build upon, and after reading this issue, nothing is off limits.

I didn’t know how to write this review, the book was something I had never experienced before. Trippy, brain melting and psychedelic. And just down right good. This series has been more than expected. All I knew was that it was part of the Wonder Comics line from DC, I knew that it was an older series being brought back for a new age. What I did not know was how wild and extreme it would be. This series could have gone bad pretty easily. Without heart and purpose this book would be awful.

It’s pretty plain and simple, unlike this issue of course.


Emmet Davis

Emmet Davis, small town Ontario, Canada, I live with my two amazing kids and lovely partner. That's one half of my life, the other? Movies, Sports, and Comics.

Preacher, Batman: Year One, Locke and Key are some of my first loves and entries into the world of Comics, but the first comic I ever owned was The Amazing Spiderman: Skating on Thin Ice #1 from February of 1993. I was six years old then. That issue blended what I grew up to love as a teen and an adult, hockey and comics, and of course not doing drugs. Still own that same copy to this day. Thanks for reading