FROM THE PUBLISHER: When a Fairman is declared dead after a mishap with a dragon, his widow hires Jenner Faulds—the land’s only Fairlady—to prove otherwise. Jenner’s investigation will bring her head-to-head with the local constabulary, surly Fairmen, and deadly black marketeers.

You want to draw me into your comic?

Give me a good pun. Or a dad joke.

I am a sucker for a good dad joke.

Fairlady does not disappoint in this area.

Granted it doesn’t disappoint in any area.

I think this is my favorite book. On with the review!

Let’s start with a giant fire breathing owl.

I laughed pretty hard when I saw that cell. Maybe harder than I should have but who is going to judge me?
I think what made it better is just imagining the sass that was coming out of Faulds. She just has this way of questioning the stories her clients bring her that makes you see how she takes everything with a grain of salt. I really enjoyed when she was talking to the other Fairmen as well. You can really see her sarcasm in those pages and her disdain towards Fairmen. I could feel her eyes roll and you do not even see her in the artwork. I just find her to be such a badass. And I seriously want to be her! I mean isn’t that what makes a great hero? Actually I’m pretty sure that’s what makes a great writer. The desire to be there with them in their adventures is no easy task. Schirmer is killing it!

I need to say this about the art on this book. It is so clean and expressive and beautiful! Marissa Louise and Claudia Balboni do an amazing job on this book. Everything about the visuals compliment what Shirmer is doing. I am already wondering what their next team up will be post Fairlady.

I was a little sad when I didn’t see Oanu as much this book. I really enjoy their dynamic as partners. They have some good moments together and this is also when the pun came in to play so obviously I am ok with it. Plus you realize the reason he has been absent is because he has been doing surveillance.

I also wish we could have found out more about what happened in the last story but it isn’t necessary. These stories are separate entities so you won’t be lost coming in book two ( I still think you should read both). This book is very entertaining and I had multiple moments where I laughed.

Seriously get it on your shelves this Wednesday!

Well, off your shelves because you should be reading it.