FROM THE PUBLISHER: “STATIONS OF THE CROSS,” Part Three After a near fatal encounter, Father Burke finds himself in “The Village,” an eerie place where the people seem to worship Norton Sinclair and leave him with more questions than answers… at least until an old (and we mean REALLY old) Doctor shows up.

“No more questions. Only time to listen now.” “I know you don’t understand much of anything, I was like that once too. But you will understand…” these are lines spoken in issue #14 of Gideon Falls. I think Jeff Lemire is speaking to the reader here, well at least to me anyways. After three issues in this arc of Gideon Falls, there are so many questions.

Father Burke has gone so many places in just three issues. He has met the Laughing Man and survived. He has travelled to some messed up versions of Gideon Falls, and this time travelled again to a very interesting future. Doctor Xu makes a return after what seems like a hundred issues. She was skeptical to the whole mystery of the black barn with her dealings with Norton, but she too witnessed the black barn. This new arc was different than the first eleven issues. We were in the past with a new central character, one we had only seen through a type of flashback.  But this issue in particular finally starts to bring it back around.

By the end of this issue my thought was that Father Burke seems to become the Bishop that instructs Father Wilfred in the early issues of Gideon Falls. The Bishop was always shown from behind and only communicated over the phone, but always seemed to know more than he was letting on about the black barn and the town of Gideon Falls. If Father Burke does turn out to be “The” Bishop then that adds so much more to his side of the story and his willingness to send Father Wilfred in the first place, back in issue #1. When this arc started with issue #12, I thought the creators would be taking the series in a completely new and fresh direction. And to an extent they have. It only makes sense that its coming back around though. So many events are making sense from earlier issues. Dr Xu making her return and seeing her with the “cult” and the people wearing the Norton Sinclair medical masks over there mouths was a great call back. I took a quick snoop into next month issue, and it does seem like we are really going to start seeing more dots connected. Not that I am complaining about the dots, because I love this series so much. Even if it does like to confuse us. We are also only three issues into this new arc, so its not like everything should be answered quickly.
Lemire seemingly doesn’t forget anything and it does appear like the series has been a big spider web. This series feels like it could go on forever, back stories, side stories, prequels and sequels. So many open threads. I can really understand how this series could become a tv show as well. It would really play well with the episodic and seasonal treatment that a TV show could offer. Really crossing my fingers that the show makes it to air. 

On a side note, time travel is an interest of mine, and what appears to be an actual real life Time Machine. I like the protagonist getting something in the future or past having to take that information with them and go back or forward in time to then create the entity that makes them being there in the first place happen. So that was confusing to write, probably confusing to read to. But satisfying? Just like Gideon Falls.


Emmet Davis

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