FROM THE PUBLISHER: Harley’s life has been turned upside down, and her best friends have turned against her. Now, trapped in a magically changed Gotham City, Harley Quinn is put on trial to do something she’s never been capable of: prove her sanity—or die!

Ah, Harley Quinn with your fancy Harley Speak...it’s been about a month and I sorta missed you. This issue continues the mini arc titled Role Players where the Enchantress has put a spell on Gotham and it is now a medieval place that she rules. The last issue left off with Harley and Catwoman captured by the Enchantress and about to be executed. Well, spoiler alert…

They, of course, survive. From there it’s up to the team of Harley, Selina, and Petite Tina to fight back and save Gotham! This is another fun issue in the series, it’s a nice continuation of what we saw previously in #61. Unfortunately though, we don’t see as much of the medieval world as I would’ve liked. I really would’ve liked to see more of its occupants after the few characters we saw before. But, I suppose we did get enough of that in the previous issue. This was much more about the conclusion of this particular arc. It didn’t feel rushed at any point which was a plus. I was almost expecting it to feel that way considering it’s somewhat of a large story, so it was a good surprise that it wasn’t. It was well paced and had a nice flow.

The biggest pro of this book is still Harley herself. Her characterization usually changes from writer to writer and Sam Humphries just does so well with her. The Enchantress is also fairly impressive here too and she isn’t a character I’m incredibly familiar with. My introduction to her was the Suicide Squad film which wasn’t the best first impression at all. This version of her is menacing and very cool though. I like it. 

It’s also very much a visual treat again, it’s a pretty good looking book! The characters all look like they fit the light hearted tone along with the world they’re inhabiting. Schmidt is two for two with me. I really liked the mini stories that take place during different parts of the story by Meredith Clatterbuck. They were welcomed additions that helped push the story in such a simple way. 

Overall, I don’t really have many problems with this issue. I think that if you’ve been following the book you’ll find #62 to be equally as fun and satisfying as the rest. This Role Players story did come to a close but I suspect the next issues will keep the momentum going.


C.S. Evans

One of my earliest memories is watching Tim Burton’s Batman and absolutely loving it. I was instantly hooked on anything Batman and later other comic related stuff too especially the X-Men. As a kid, I was already trying to fancast my own X-Men film. Y'know...now that l think about it, not much has really changed.