FROM THE PUBLISHER: Little Bird is reunited with her mother in a dreamscape where she begins to uncover the twisted roots of her family tree. Free after 30 years of imprisonment, The Axe once again takes the mantle as leader of the resistance and prepares to wage war against Bishop and his Northern Guard.

“I’m not crying. Ok I totally am.”

This was a text I sent while reading this book. Holy cow so many feels. I had no idea what to expect this time. Actually I did have expectations and this met none of them.  It has been a month since the first book dropped and flew off the shelves and let me tell you I have no doubt this one will do the same. So go get it now. Oh wait finish reading this first.

So you are left with the cliffhanger of LIttle Bird being shot and dying. Which is a big deal because ummm she is the main character. What is this Game of Thrones?! Then this book comes along and hits you with a punch in the nose (because that always makes you tear up). No seriously book two is all about the emotions and I’m not mad at it. I mean it has some action scenes but for the most part it is all about character development.

You get some beautiful  moments between her and her mom that are pretty unexpected. The emotion was so raw in those moments as Little Bird learns so much about how she came to be and what that was like for her mom. These moments are contrasted by the relationship between the bishop and his son. They leave a bad taste in my mouth and the creeps all at the same time. It is the difference between love and worship.

The art carried the same weight as it did in the last book. High contrast in action/ high emotion scenes and monochromatic in the calmer moments. I honestly love the art. It is like choreography. You get these moments of impact where things hit hard and then there are these moments where you just get to feel what just happened.

Book One I gave a Let’s Go but Book Two gets a Gotta Go. It is the first book to really move me emotionally and it deserves so much praise. Next month can’t come soon enough!