FROM THE PUBLISHER: Axe leaves Elder’s Hope to destroy Northern Guard, and Little Bird is left behind to take out a small team of enemy soldiers when she stumbles upon a family secret that changes everything.

Ok Little Bird!

This series goes from violence to all the emotions back to violence without skipping a beat. I’m totally here for it.

When I first started this series back in March I was skeptical if I would like it. It was violent and gory and wayyy out of my comfort zone. Then last month they brought in all the heavy emotion and it totally surprised me. Now we are back to the violence and furthering of the characters and their stories and again I am sitting here semi mind blown.

So much is revealed in this book. Axe is Little Birds Grandpa which I am assuming means he is her mother’s dad. Actually I think we got that fact in the last chapter but it was solidified in this chapter for sure. Then at the very end (spoiler) we find out the Bishop is her dad?! What?! This makes me want to go back and read chapter two again because the part where Little Bird’s mom is hiding makes so much more sense. The bishop is the worst! Oh and that makes the bishop’s son her half brother?

We get a new character, Sarge, who is an alcoholic cyborg. Maybe not a cyborg but his arms and legs are metal, which he made a great joke about. I will save that for your reading pleasure. Anyway he was apparently saved by Axe at one point in time which gives them this bond or so you think. I mean no one is actually good in a post apocalyptic world. Unless you have never read anything like that then please continue assuming the best in people.  I guess he semi redeems himself but still. The crusader who saved Little Bird is also back only to further prove no one is good in a post apocalyptic world.

There are some great action scenes in this one. The most impactful being when Axe goes up against all the A12 soldiers. That part actually had a lot of emotion to it too. I am thinking he will be able to resurrect like his daughter and LIttle Bird, but this may have been his demise - which hurts more than I thought it would. I’m giving this one a Let’s Go.

I am ready to see how this all ends!