FROM THE PUBLISHER: Held captive at New Vatican, Little Bird endures endless medical examinations to procure the “resurrection gene” for Bishop’s dying son. If Little Bird wants to escape this nightmare and save her people, she’ll first have to confront a dark family secret.

Little Bird is gut punch after gut punch, it’s like a kick to the groin, and knife to the brain. After all these things the series is still outstanding, and definitely a book I look for every month.

As Cindy has stated before in her reviews of issues 1-3 the art is something to behold. Everything from the finer details of a close up on Little Bird and Gabriel hugging or the more mind melting battle scenes.  I also really appreciate the ease of read, no confusing frames or splash pages. As well no speech bubbles or other text getting in the way of the amazing art.

At the end of issue #3 Little Bird was killed…again… now months later she is alive and still kicking. This girl is like the energizer bunny who went to school with Rambo. Seeing her lay the beat down on Father was especially satisfying. The flashback/dream scene with her mother and her twin brother was really heartbreaking. Seeing Little Birds mother make the choice between saving herself and one child knowing that she will leave one behind, that really hit me hard. This book really has a knack for that. The resistance never seems to get ahead. Axe seemed like their big leader and hope for freedom… nope dead. Little Bird rising up against Father, fighting for her dead mother…nope burned at the stake (think it was really her??? Nah me either) One issue to go, I hope Father gets what he deserves. He has really been the ultimate villain. Bad in every way. Which in a way has been cool, a truly evil person that is easy to hate. 

Issue #4 of Little Bird was an excellent addition to this amazing world. I really love the world the creators have built here, being from Canada myself it’s interesting to see this weird scientific and religious side to it that seems so out of left field and implausible. The themes are not that far from what could be though in today’s world. Will the end of the issue end with everyone dead? Even if the resistance wins, who will be the hero? And if the religious zealots win? Well then shit. Little Bird is a big big win, and issue #4 might be the strongest in the series.  


Emmet Davis

Emmet Davis, small town Ontario, Canada, I live with my two amazing kids and lovely partner. That's one half of my life, the other? Movies, Sports, and Comics.

Preacher, Batman: Year One, Locke and Key are some of my first loves and entries into the world of Comics, but the first comic I ever owned was The Amazing Spiderman: Skating on Thin Ice #1 from February of 1993. I was six years old then. That issue blended what I grew up to love as a teen and an adult, hockey and comics, and of course not doing drugs. Still own that same copy to this day. Thanks for reading