FROM THE PUBLISHER: PART THREE OF THE FINAL ARC! Experience four timelines simultaneously in this tour de force issue.

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Issue #28 is different structurally than any comic I have read. Most times when reading a book, I will read it twice at a minimum, one as my first introduction, then a second to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I then will read more at my leisure. It isn’t uncommon for me to read a single issue at least five times. What #28 does is imaginative. I read it twice, cover to cover. Then I read it twice for each girl’s timeline, and that I consider, just the first introduction. So much to take in, so much to see and learn. Time travel is confusing enough, but what writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Cliff Chiang have done for issue #28 really makes you focus on each girl. I loved reading each girls story one at a time. We’ve followed them so far through time and space, they have been through so much. It is really great to see how strong they are in this issue. They have grown significantly. They are stronger now than their future selves have become. They are stronger than the Old-Timers and The Teenagers. Both who think are smarting and stronger than they actually are. The girls will fight for there past, present and future. They aren’t afraid anymore.

In this issue we learn some more about Jahpo/The Grandfather. He doesn’t seem so wise and all knowing. He’s been an ominous character throughout the series, from the innocent baby on his mothers back, to the old bastard with a grey beard and a revolver. We learn how he got those dinosaurs too, which was always curious to me. Small holes filled in here and there. Getting closer and closer to the end, KJ, Mac, Tiffany and Erin are learning that being older doesn’t mean smarter. The Old-Timers think they are in control, and they want more of it. The girls are fighting back, they don’t accept the status quo. It’s a concept that in todays world is very relevant. Don’t take anything for granted, question the narrative. 

Issue #28 offers the impression of the end times. Explosions, gunfire and death. I really loved seeing the girls standing up for what they believe in. We are watching the characters grow, change and learn, all the way from issue #1 to issue #28. Choose which way you would like to read this issue, all the way through, panel by panel. You can also choose to read it one character at a time. The latter is what I would suggest, or do like me and read it more than once, or twice or three times or...well you get the idea.


Emmet Davis

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