FROM THE PUBLISHER: The comic based on the hit CW series is back! These two stories set between episodes of season 3 of Riverdale include a peek at life in Leopold and Loeb and an online crush with sketchy intentions!


UGH! I’m not going to lie, but it bugs me that I have to watch the show to understand this comic! I mean I am watching the show ( I started watching after I read the last one), but I am only in season two. I actually really enjoy the comic I just wish there was more continuity in the stories and not just a bunch of jumping around.

The first half of this book focuses on the struggles of Josie and how life is just rough. Her mom being married to the sheriff and just adjusting to new family life. Plus dating a serpent in secrecy. How the drama increases. Overall she is not doing well with how life is and she is stressed about getting into college. The storyline moves on to showboat Betty as her gotta fix it all self. If you haven’t watched the show or read any of the comics you wouldn’t know this though but seriously she wants to help everyone! Oh but wait before we go to the next half can we have a moment to talk about how Josie’s cat-fished online. It's funny because she's from Josie and the Pussycats. Get it? I am just going to roll eyes at myself right now. Honestly the writers do a great job making you feel for her. I enjoyed the way the artists did the cells and gave you a line to follow because otherwise it would be easy to get lost.

The second half is about Joaquin, a serpent, who is in jail and at one time dated the son of the sheriff, Kevin (season one spoilers haha). Any way Joaquin is basically writing a letter to Kevin about what it’s like but kind of skipping around the fact that he is in jail. I was not super into this half of the book. I mean there is a point where Archie joins him in prison, for what I don’t know. I am thinking it is for something that happens in season two that I have not watched yet. This is why not having a storyline that continues in the comics sucks. I mean I get what they are doing but seriously I would rather just have it go deeper than the show and have a storyline of its own. Like maybe between seasons instead of between episodes.

I digress. I have to say this is the third book I have read where the second half was lackluster. I enjoy the art through the whole book but the story in the  first half has been better all three in this season. And while I feel for Josie the story wasn’t all that interesting. This book is just a Go.