FROM THE PUBLISHER: Very weird goings-on in the town of Greendale are making Sabrina Spellman's relocation to Greendale High...complicated. Protecting her friends, saving her family, solving a supernatural mystery, and keeping her witch nature a secret is starting to seem impossible. Something's gotta give...but which one will it be and what will it mean for her future in Greendale?!

Excuse me as the girly nostalgia comes out in this review. I’m sure it will be worth it. I hope you guys remember the show from the mid nineties because this comic sent me right back to watching it on TGIF and if you don’t, look it up.

Kelly Thompson has done it again! She has captured the reason I loved Sabrina the Teenage Witch in the 90s. Listening to my 90s music mix also helps but we are here to talk about comics not music.

So let’s get into this comic! Because, I mean this is a review of it.

As we know from the first book, Sabrina was trying not to use magic but did a total of four spells. One of which turned the mean girl and cute boy, who are also sister and brother, into a wendigo that attacked Sabrina and Jessa. Well technically they were already a wendigo, her spell just revealed it and I have a feeling will be revealing a lot of true forms. After the wendigo turns back into the brother and sister, Sabrina is left with three passed out teens.

I love Sabrina’s inner dialogue. Talking about having “tender relatable feels” is so true for any one who has been the kid that is bullied. You want to just be able to hate them and they show you something horrible that is happening to them. Suddenly you feel bad for them. You also get the flip side of finding out your crush also has issues equal to your own and it feels like it could be meant to be. Ah the joys of high school relatability.

I’m glad that we get some more Salem moments, especially when he asks for catnip. If you didn’t know Salem was/is a warlock that was changed into a cat as punishment for something he did while he was human. It made me giggle that he asked for catnip because technically he is not a real cat. I am also glad that we get some more interaction with Sabrina’s aunts. They are just so much fun and also great guardians.

Oh! My most favorite part is when Harvey asks Sabrina out on a date. I can not wait to see what happens on their first date. I am a sucker for romance.

Overall I am still really happy with how the story is moving along. I also enjoy that both books have ended in cliffhangers. It just makes it fun and makes it seem more like one continuous story. This book gets a Gotta Go! Nostalgia and a fun story just make for a good time.