FROM THE PUBLISHER: As danger intensifies and mysteries deepen in Greendale, Sabrina finds it increasingly difficult to keep her own secrets. And while the whole town is on edge from the most recent “monster” attack, Sabrina has tracked the source of the disturbances back to her high school. It may be up to Sabrina to save her new town by solving this one her own…but when the secrets she uncovers hit too close to home she’ll have to make some very tough choices.

This book reads like many of the previous, which isn't a bad thing. You have Sabrina getting herself into trouble and using spells that only get her into more trouble. While all that is happening you also get some story/ character development that just helps move everything along. I am really enjoying her inner monologues in this one. There are some sweet moments between Sabrina and Ren as well.

There is a point in reading any book, comic or novel, when you really start to resonate with the characters. Well this issue is the one where it happened for me. At one point Sabrina is celebrating that she can't be seen by the snake/ dragon thing and sprains her ankle. If this isn't real life for me I don't know what is. I am such a klutz. She then is running from it again and trips which only further resonates. Also it was just funny.

I am really excited we get some extra Salem this issue. He is full of sass and quips. The best part is when he is talking about he isn't actually a cat and shouldnt be treated like one. Yet he purred as he is being pet.

I think the only thing that really popped out to me this time was the art. It seemed a bit off. I had to check to see if the artist changed. I mean I know the books come out monthly and it may just be that I remember it differently. It just didn't seem as clean this time.

The story continues to be fun and keeps me interested. I like how it continues from book to book. It will make a great combined series where you get all five in one.

Three books in and I am still loving this series!



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