FROM THE PUBLISHER: ”SOME THINGS SHOULD STAY BURIED” KARL KESEL (Harley Quinn, Superboy) and TOM GRUMMETT (The Death of Superman, Superboy) take SECTION ZERO to the Australian Outback, where the team makes a startling discovery—and suffers a huge loss!

Ten or twelve pages into Issue 2 of Section Zero, I was preparing myself for a let down. I didn’t like where the issue was going, the dialogue seemed overly corny and derivative. I wrote it my review of Issue 1 that the series felt like an 80’s action movie. In this issue it felt like a B-action movie. With terrible dialogue, and what felt like bad acting (in comic terms). I didn’t like how the big reveal from that last issue wasn’t fully shaped. Creature from the Black Lagoon? Kind of? Seeing the team work together in their suits felt right. They felt like a team, each had their strengths and weaknesses. Once one member of the team was separated from the others, is where the story really took off for me. A really exciting and fulfilling backstory had some real stakes.

Life and death were brought into the mix that made the story feel real. I was hoping last issue that the back story for Sam and Tina would be fleshed out. What happened to them? Why aren’t they together anymore? We learned a bit about them, who they once were as a couple and as secret government agents. I was left wanting to know more about them. The others on the team? Tesla and Thom? Tesla was used a little, but his story is more mystery than anything else. Thom was left as an action piece this time around. Issue #1 dealt a lot with Thom and his family, so it was alright that his story took a backseat this time around. Not enough to like any one character yet though. Sam is a wisecracking, but most of jokes come off as lame. The others, just not enough from them.

With this book I’m more interested in the story than the characters. I love the secret government teams, the UFO and alien material. I really like when the team goes back to headquarters and they talk with the head of the program, and we see the “new” member of the team reveal some fresh info about the past. The only problem is that I don’t find the characters all that interesting. I found them humorous in the first issue, brought back some nostalgia, but the second issue it felt played. The mystery is great, the team is ok. The Truth is Out There, but will I care by the end? I’m not ready to give this book a bad rating but for now…


Emmet Davis

Emmet Davis, small town Ontario, Canada, I live with my two amazing kids and lovely partner. That's one half of my life, the other? Movies, Sports, and Comics.

Preacher, Batman: Year One, Locke and Key are some of my first loves and entries into the world of Comics, but the first comic I ever owned was The Amazing Spiderman: Skating on Thin Ice #1 from February of 1993. I was six years old then. That issue blended what I grew up to love as a teen and an adult, hockey and comics, and of course not doing drugs. Still own that same copy to this day. Thanks for reading