FROM THE PUBLISHER: In the latest chapter of “Shazam and the Seven Magic Lands,” the kids visit the Gamelands, a colorful world of races and games where all that matters are your high scores! But as good as Pedro and Eugene are with their arcade cred, can they score high enough to survive it!

When I first read issue 1 of this series, I thought to myself “this series is for Shazam fans”. The creators didn’t explain Billy’s back story, who Shazam was or who his foster family is. We are thrust right into the lore of the Shazam family very quickly. I had never read a Shazam book before. The only media I had been introduced to was the recently released DC movie Shazam! I loved the movie.

I took my partner, and we both laughed and had a great time. After seeing the movie, I went back and started this series. No expectations or notions that the comic was going to be a sequel or prequel to the movie. Mostly hoping it wasn’t. I wanted to learn something knew I didn’t already know having seen the movie.

This series is very fantastical. It takes the readers to wild new places, ones that from my limited knowledge, only make sense in the context of the Shazam universe. Issue #5 take us to the exciting Gamesland and the mysterious and confusing Wildlands. The family is separated and in some pretty deep trouble. Black Adam is on the heels of Shazam, he’s rather menacing looking if I do say so myself. He has lots to say, not much to do though. His run in with another Shazam family villain towards the end of the book, could lead to some very exciting events in future issues. I’m very much looking forward to an evil team up. Black Adam? I know exactly zero about him. I know The Rock may or may not play him in a movie that may or may not ever be made. So, I hope to see Adam get into a battle of some kind with Shazam. On a side note, the drawing of Black Adam looks a lot like The Rock.

The art in this book is hit or miss. The number of artists listed in the book is four. Personally, I do not like when the art changes from page to page, unless it makes sense story wise. In this case each artist looks after members from the Shazam family. Story wise it makes sense. The art in the Funlands, and Gamesland, is where it didn’t work more me. It’s a style that just doesn’t suit my likings. The faces in particular bothered me. I always look at a character’s eyes. In the case of the Funlands, they weren’t clear and focused. With the Gamesland, aside from the Mary splash page, Shazam wasn’t drawn very well, and King Kid seemed rushed and muted. Again, that’s only personal preference. I will never doubt an artist talent when it comes to colour or penmanship. I could never dream of drawing anything other than oddly shaped dinosaurs for my son. 

Geoff Johns Shazam! is fun, exciting and at times ridiculous. Talking elephants with suits, old men with lightning shooting out of their hands, and a TRON like portion that could really be exciting (fingers crossed). I like how the series has progressed issue by issue. It definitely is leading somewhere; it already has taken us across most of the seven magic lands. A lot of pieces on the board right now… what’s the magic version of chess? Wizards chess? Never mind, wrong universe.


Emmet Davis

Emmet Davis, small town Ontario, Canada, I live with my two amazing kids and lovely partner. That's one half of my life, the other? Movies, Sports, and Comics.

Preacher, Batman: Year One, Locke and Key are some of my first loves and entries into the world of Comics, but the first comic I ever owned was The Amazing Spiderman: Skating on Thin Ice #1 from February of 1993. I was six years old then. That issue blended what I grew up to love as a teen and an adult, hockey and comics, and of course not doing drugs. Still own that same copy to this day. Thanks for reading