FROM THE PUBLISHER: Billy Batson finds himself face to face with the one person who could tear apart his family: his father! But when Billy discovers the trouble he’s father is in and the reason he’s sought him out, he’ll have to not only use the power of Shazam to help him, but also fend off the lethal team of Dr. Sivana and Mr. Mind!

Wow! a lot is packed into this issue. How much is crammed into this issue you ask? So much that some members of the Shazam family aren’t seen or heard from. Exit Freddy, Darla and the Wildlands; enter Billy’s Dad and the Wizard.

This whole series has been a rambunctious good time. This issue really ups the action. I was especially wowed by the Sivana and Black Adam dust up. Their fight had been built up from issue #5 and here it really pays off. Full props to the creative team.  Pedro and Eugene are still at it in Gamelands, I was waiting for a big pay off with the two of them and the TRON like atmosphere of the Gamelands. I didn’t get what I was expecting with the payoff no, that came in a different way. It was a shock to say the least, but I liked it a lot. Subverting my expectations is always welcomed when reading comics.

 Billy and his fathers storyline was…..well I guess interesting. The seed for Billy’s father had been planted back in issue #1. A lot has seemingly happened since he arrived at the door of Victor and Rosas’ house. Billy’s dad finally has come to face to face with his son, but the scene quickly turns from a heart felt hello, to what the hell is up with this guy? Billy is a smart kid and can see through the bullshit, at least I hope so. This can’t end well, also is it really Billy’s dad? I’m leaning towards no, but let’s see where this goes. 

This issue once again is a wild time, and this series shows no signs of slowing down. So many threads being weaved. Everyone has something to do, which I really like. Freddy and Darla may have been left out of this particular issue, but with the events of issue #5 in the back of my mind…. (Mr. Mind, that damn little bug is pulling some serious strings with Sivana and Black Adam.)  I’m sure they will be back for issue #7. The reveal at the end of this issue by Mary really intrigues me. How will this change the family dynamic? And what will King Kid get up to now that the attention is off him and The Funlands? I’m here for it. This series is all over the place, but with characters that I care about and are just flat out awesome. 

Also half naked angry Wizard. 


Emmet Davis

Emmet Davis, small town Ontario, Canada, I live with my two amazing kids and lovely partner. That's one half of my life, the other? Movies, Sports, and Comics.

Preacher, Batman: Year One, Locke and Key are some of my first loves and entries into the world of Comics, but the first comic I ever owned was The Amazing Spiderman: Skating on Thin Ice #1 from February of 1993. I was six years old then. That issue blended what I grew up to love as a teen and an adult, hockey and comics, and of course not doing drugs. Still own that same copy to this day. Thanks for reading