Help us Yeezus.

We live in the age of vapid creativity. Well maybe that is not 100 percent true in all aspects. Technology has made the gap smaller for creators and artists. But what makes it to the masses is especially terrible. 

This all came about at work today. Needed a playlist from the 80s to provide inspiration to a project. After it was all said and done I went back an checked out some other eras of music. 60s and 70s, late 90s early 2000s...then current playlists. The music is ridiculously dull and hyperactive at the same time. Nobody is saying anything important. At least in popular markets. To hear real stories you have to search. You have to stay off the radio and check out that new tab on your streaming service. I love Spotify. Some say it is evil, some says its fine. I pay my monthly fee. I know that some artists, like Emery, are all about it. They say they get paid, so I feel ok about it. 

This is why Kanye West may be so great, because look at his competition. Not much out there.