Superman lifting heavy things.

Superman lifting heavy things.

I have been anxiously waiting to see new footage from Warner Bros. upcoming 2016 release, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (now BVS) for months. The only real look I have seen is the leaked footage from Comic Con 2014. Which was awesome. A nice inspired piece from the classic Batman story, The Dark Knight Returns.  My anticipation has been building obviously. At that time it was about 2 years to release. 

So fast forward to this week. We are a few weeks under a year to release. The first official teaser was leaked out by cellphone. So I watched, I have no shame. Of course the quality was awful and muddy. Even so, I was able to get a feel of what was being set up for the film. My first impression was, "this is freaking dark."  To be fair this is in the same day that the 2nd Star Wars teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released. That thing was packed with wonder and hopefulness and ends with a glimpse of two old friends you thought you would never see again.

But it is a different film. Do I wish that BVS had that same hopefulness? Yeah. But break that down. It's BATMAN VERSUS SUPERMAN. Not Batman and Superman get a taco. Maybe it needs to be dark. The problem is we live in a post Avengers world, where colors are a bit brighter and fun is a part of the viewing experience.  WB has been a bit more serious in their comic book fare, which is fine.  But it can be a bit depressing. I loved 2013's Man of Steel. But that film is divisive.  I liked the set up it had. What do we do when somebody has all of this power? Who questions that? 

I think the answer is Batman. In this new universe of films, Batman has been doing his Bat-thing for awhile. He obviously is a bit intrigued by this guy who smashed Zod into one of his satellites (look it up fanboy) and he probably has questions. I do not want to speculate about plot. I have ideas, but i do not want to spoil anything on accident.  I like the idea of these two super guys coming to blows, physically and ideally. They want to do good, they just have different ideas on who to make that happen. 

But forget all of that. Watch the teaser again.

Still, "this is freaking dark". Batman tends to be though. But I think you can go less shadows, not no shadows, just a bit more adventure. The Nolan films already dragged us through tortured Batman. Maybe head another direction. Where is Robin? More Caped Crusader, less Dark Knight.

Let's talk about one thing that stuck out to me.  Superman seems sad. The one guys who always seems to be filled with hope and smiles. There is this shot where his face looks like, "i just want to help." Imagine wanting to just do good. To help others, and everybody has an opinion. He probably never thought that once he put on his suit and became a symbol that he would be judged so harshly as he is in the opening voice overs in the teaser. They put him on a pedestal and then knocked him down. The shot where "false god" is spray painted onto a statue of Superman hurt. He never asked for that. They placed that on him. 

That story interests me. You know in the end Batman and Superman become pals... hopefully. That is where the Dawn of Justice part comes in. With Wonder Woman and Aquaman guaranteed to be a part of this in some capacity, we know that the Justice League of America forms in one way or another. 

But still..."this is freaking dark". 

I want to take my kids to see a Batman movie. Even a Superman movie. I brought my then 4 year old to watch Man of Steel and there was not much he could watch or even want to see. I liked it, but it would be great if WB can have something the kids can see too. 

My son can only really watch 1995 Batman Forever and 1997 Batman & Robin (which is funny now). That hurts me man. Thank God for Batman: The Animated Series.

I would hope that there is a bit more hope and brightness to the film. This is just a teaser.  Maybe it is all intentional. Get some of the Batman fans interested in what is happening. It was pretty Bat-heavy. There is an epic story here to be told. The first time ever that Batman and Superman are on film together. That is historical. I showed my mom the teaser and her response was, "ooh they are in a movie together? That looks awesome!" 

Yes it does mom. 


So is this film going to be a Gotta Go or a Never Go? What do you think?