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Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To that we GOTTA GO!

To the casual movie fan this may not mean a thing. But to US. To the midnight movie warriors across this world, this is what we have long hungered for. To finally see Spider-Man where he belongs. In his home, with his super buddies! 

Imagine Spidey swinging by an Avengers battle in New York City and lending a hand! I am sure it may have crossed your mind a few times. So now it is happening, and it seems like its been talked about a lot in the background. For a while in fact. No matter where you land on the "Sony Hacks", information that has leaked gave merit to the thought that SONY and Marvel have been chatting.

Let's be honest, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a turd of a film. It looked pretty. It was a convoluted mess of a plot. It moved you to places so fast you wondered how a character had a deep connection to another. There were bright spots. I actually loved the Rhino spots. That is the one part I wish most comic book movies would do. Throw a minor baddie in there to help establish the world. And you have to admit that web swinging and slinging looked fantastic. Andrew Garfield was on point as Spidey (his Peter Parker on the other hand...)

So SONY is in trouble. There is a bad taste in the mouths of fans and movie goers. SONY wants desperately to build a Spider-Man themed universe on film to compete with Marvel and the upcoming DCU at WB,  but it has no legs to stand on. The character is worth millions (billions?) in merchandising but his film careers sliding. So bring in Mighty Marvel Studios (and Disney?) It is such a no brainer to have them helm the ship.

Marvel wants Spidey back. But do they need him? Probably not. But SONY needs Marvels help. This is the smartest thing they can do. This is free money having Spider-Man join up to where he rightfully belongs.  SONY and Marvel have a no money exchanging hands deal that lets Spider-Man show up in a MCU film in 2016. Then Marvel gets to produce the next Spider-Man film at SONY. Chances are Spidey shows up in Captain America: Civil War and not Dr. Strange. Though Spideys presence could help sell a Strange film, but Marvel does not know how to not have a hit. Guardians of the Galaxy anyone? Lets see how Ant-Man fares... 

What this does mean is Spider-Man gets another reboot in his less than 15 year movie career. Do we redo the origin yet again? I think we all get it. Which is kind of a shame, because I am sure Marvel has a way they would have loved to have done it. Maybe they can revisit it down the line. I say just do it in the opening credits with some Spidey voice over,

"Hi! I am Spider-Man! You all know me right? Bit by a radioactive spider? Check. With great power comes great responsibility? Check. Spin webs any size? Every day yo! 

Also, I am not a menace. Despite what this guy says...

::shoots web at J. Jonah Jameson face on billboard::

Anyway back to fighting one of my many adversaries. This one is called the Shocker. Though he looks like a big fan of waffles."

Boom. First scene done. Or something like that. 

So what are your thoughts? Care? Do not care? Already thought it was all connected?

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