The LET'S GO! PODCAST NETWORK was just an idea between two best buddies in the universe. Justin and Kelly have been best friends forever, but due to life circumstances Kelly had to move to a far away land. So Justin suggested they start a podcast so they could still hangout. Well wouldn't you know, Kelly ended up moving back home and LET'S GO! launched! Soon we expanded to the LET'S GO! COMIC SHOW with Justin and Matt. That is something they have been talking about doing since 2008! 

We love doing these shows, and have more LET'S GO! shows in the works, but it takes money and time. That is the reality of such endeavors. There is no big corporation behind this. Just our love of talking about the things we all dig on. We have a DIY ethic, and we know if you love what we do you will join us in the effort. We don't want you to feel like you're just giving without anything in return. We really want to put out quality shows and reward you with cool swag and merch!

We think Patreon is a LET'S GO! You know why? Because they believe that artists help make the world way more awesome! You can play a podcast in your car when you're lonely, while mowing the lawn or on the way to see your best buddy in the whole world!  We appreciate anything you can give to make this happen!

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